Julie Beloussow is a Los Angeles based artist drawing inspiration from the contemporary visionary art movement and psychedelic aesthetics.

Her acrylic paintings incorporate iridescent pigments and unusual materials such as holographic foil and marbled papers. Through her work she explores themes of perception and identity.

Living with conditions such as ADHD and autism, Beloussow's recent work reflects the challenges of navigating the world as neurodivergent. Fasciation, a genetic anomaly affecting the appearance of plants, frequently appears in her work as a symbol of neurodiversity. Her art is a deeply personal and introspective narrative motivated by the desire to bring visibility to an often-invisible community.

Strange flowers entangled in swirling patterns, textured surfaces, and vibrant, shifting colors create a hyper-sensory visual representation of the neurodivergent experience and harness a parallel to the psychedelic one.

Beloussow cut her teeth in the vibrant West Coast festival scene, painting live and exhibiting work at underground events and festivals like Lucidity and Gem & Jam since 2012.

She returned to education later in life to hone her craft and earned her BFA in Drawing & Painting from California State University Long Beach in 2022. In 2023 she received the Emerging Artist Award at The Brea Gallery's 38th juried "Made in California" exhibition.

She currently lives and works in Long Beach, CA.