Painting Digitally: My Process

Julie BeloussowLife

With my recent digital piece, Kali, I took three days to render everything besides the line art. Roughly 11 hours of total work spaced out, which I recorded and condensed down to 7.5 minutes to give a glimpse into my process of creating digital art.

Prior to the digital process, I create thumbnails, rough sketches, and finalize the penciled roughs with ink. Once inked, the image is transferred to the screen – sometimes scanned, sometimes photographed. It depends on the actual size. Once uploaded, I refine it a little further and correct any errors before taking on the digital shading, coloring, and tweaking.

I do all of this with a mouse. I do not own a drawing tablet, I just grew accustomed to the mouse over the years.

I first picked up digital as a medium when I was about 11. That was back in the day with my Windows ’95 and the feature packed MS Paint. Yeah, I rocked the pixel art for quite some time. I took commissions, I created characters, stories, worlds. It launched me in to a new realm of art, which I have held a tight relationship with ever since.

Eventually, I upgraded from MS Paint to Paintshop Pro 7 and opened up a new level of possibility. Gradually I moved away from pixel art, procured better programs to work with (e.g: Photoshop), and moved forth into a style which would closer resemble that which I do now.