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Hey! You’re interested in a commission, awesome!
I’ve created a super easy form for you to fill out for your commission request. The form is an attempt to make the process easier for both of us, so please use it rather than messaging me on Facebook or Instagram! It will make things a lot less confusing. 🙂

Please make sure to read through all the following information before you send your request. I will reply to all requests within 1-3 days, I reserve the right to deny a request.

Once you have read it all, send your request form!

Have a solid idea! Provide reference photos of specific elements from outside sources and/or my past work you’d like to include. Describe it as well as you can, but don’t be afraid to include abstract ideas I might be able to work off of. If you’d prefer to give me the artistic freedom, let me know so.
Illustration and tattoo designs: portraits, people, objects, pin ups, original characters, scenes, etc. I do NOT do realism, everything is in my own style!

I am also available for graphic design.

1. After submitting your request, I will contact you within a few days. Please wait for a reply email from me,
agreeing to start the commission.
2. If your request is accepted, pricing will be discussed. If it is less than $100, it is paid up front.
Anything over $100 requires a half down payment.
3. I’ll begin work: Thumbnails/Sketches of various options.
4. Refined sketch: Any changes should be suggested at this point.
5. Final sketch: After the final sketch is approved, no major changes are accepted. If applicable, second half
of the payment must be made at this time and before I can begin the final.
6. Final piece: If possible (dependent on medium), minor changes might be able to be made, but bear in mind the
limitations of reworking final pieces. Any additional changes here are subject to a potential extra charge.
7. Once completed: Traditional artwork will be mailed, for digital work I will send you a large format version
of the FLAT file.
8. Happiness all around. 👍🎉
Please note, pricing may vary based on the level of detail, complexity, background, number of characters, etc.  As such, all prices listed here should only be considered as estimates!


Lineart only (black and white), pencil or ink ~$50
Fully colored and shaded/rendered ~$75-100
Additional figures/characters within same piece ~add $50
Adding a background to any option ~add $20-$100

Mediums for the above traditional colored options include: Alcohol markers, colored pencils, ink, metallic/gel pens. What is used is decided by myself.

👉 Acrylic and watercolor paintings are also a traditional option, pricing just varies too widely. Contact me about these mediums!


Lineart only, ink ~ $50-200
Light/limited shading possible upon request, dependent on design.

Color is to be discussed between you and your tattooist.


Flat colors ~$70
Flat colors, limited shading ~$75
Fully rendered ~$100-120

Graphic design [logos, flyers, business cards, Etsy banners, etc.], ~$25-200

What is this commission for?*

Is it okay for me to post progress and/or final photos/videos of this commission on my social media? (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr...)*