Julie Beloussow is a Californian artist best known for her pen and ink illustrations of otherworldly characters.

Swirling and buoyant, they exist within a dreamlike realm among a host of totems based on personal associations. Often reminiscent of the mythologies and philosophies that influenced her over the years, such as Buddhism.

Her interest in psychonautics and themes inspired by folktales, death, and the supernatural give viewers a glimpse of playfully strange apparitions with mysterious undertones both benign and ominous. The world in which they exist is presented as void or spacious, alluding to their metaphysical and ephemeral existence.

Beloussow works in a variety of mediums, such as ceramics and digital design, although recently her focus has been in ink and paint. Her work has been exhibited at a number of West Coast festivals. She currently resides in Grass Valley, California.