Julie Beloussow is a self-taught artist based in Los Angeles. She is a lover of tea, ancient civilizations, and mythologies, with an especially keen affinity for Asia. A life-long interest in culture and spirituality has shaped her art into a tool for self-reflection and growth. A world traveler, she has spent 2+ years mostly in and around Asia, studying various philosophies and expanding her exposure to the art & architecture of the continent.

Her work spans across many mediums, including sculpture, but her main focus is with illustration and fine art.

Julie’s style of work is vibrant and buoyant, a psychedelic-fantasy fusion with a dose of Southeast Asian influence. She mixes transcendent, otherworldly characters with philosophical and spiritual concepts.

Ultimately, Julie aims to inspire and to share a message of compassion, wonder, impermanence, and empowerment through her work.


May your life be an adventure, your roads wide open, and your tea just right.